The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best Automatic Horse Waterer System for Your Horses

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best Automatic Horse Waterer System for Your Horses

Hydration is fundamental to a horse's health, affecting every physiological function from digestion to temperature regulation. A reliable, efficient watering system is an indispensable asset in your equine care toolkit. But how do you choose the best automatic horse waterer system for your horses?

At Cascada , we understand the importance of your horse's health and strive to provide hydration solutions that enhance their well-being but also streamline your experience as a horse owner. 

So let’s delve into the basics of automatic horse waterer systems, the benefits, and how to select the best horse waterer for your horses.

The basics of automatic horse waterer systems

In equine care, ensuring your horses have access to clean, fresh water is of utmost importance. That's where horse waterers come into play. These devices provide a consistent and reliable source of water for your horses, promoting their well-being and simplifying your care routine.

Horse waterers offer numerous benefits including:

  • Water on demand
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced water waste
  • Improved horse health
  • Cost savings over time

Horse waterers come in various types, each designed to cater to specific needs and conditions. When choosing a horse waterer, consider these factors:

  • Installation
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Durability
  • Materials used
  • Freeze protection
  • Surface area
  • Water capacity
  • Noise level
  • Water consumption tracking
  • Overall cost vs. benefits

Choosing the right horse waterer is a significant decision that can greatly impact the health and well-being of your horses. Understanding the benefits of a watering system can help you choose the best automatic horse waterer for you and your horses.

The benefits of an automatic horse waterer

Let’s explore a few of the many benefits of installing a horse waterer system on your farm or in the stalls of your barn.

Horses receive water on demand.

Automatic horse waterers have revolutionized equine care by providing water on demand and eliminating the need to constantly monitor water levels in water buckets or troughs. This feature ensures that horses can hydrate whenever they need to, reducing the risk of dehydration and other health complications. 

With constant access to water, waterer systems cater to the individual drinking patterns of horses and contribute to a well-managed stable where the welfare of each horse is sustained.

Barn chores are more efficient.

Automatic horse waterers streamline barn chores with remarkable proficiency. By providing a continuous supply of fresh water, they significantly reduce the time and labor spent filling, cleaning, and checking water troughs throughout the day. 

This automation ensures a high standard of equine care while fostering a more productive and less labor-intensive stable environment. Automatic horse waterers are both a tool for hydration and daily barn management.

Water waste is reduced.

In equine care, the traditional methods of watering horses such as buckets and troughs can lead to significant water waste. To clean water troughs, the water has to first be dumped out and then refilled after cleaning. This leads to a lot of water wasted to maintain and clean troughs.

This is where automatic waterers step in to offer an efficient solution that minimizes water wastage.  Through various forms of technology (like the sophisticated sensor technology we use at Cascada ), automatic waterers deliver the exact amount of water needed.

However, not all automatic waterers are equal in this area. Simple float valve and push paddle systems commonly face overflow issues, so reviewing the technology used in the waterer is important.

Horses stay healthy through proper hydration.

Automatic waterers can have a profound impact on equine health. Sensor technology, drinking posts, and push paddle waterers ensure constant access to fresh, clean water to help maintain and improve the overall well-being of your horse.

Unlike traditional watering methods or float valve automatic waterers, there’s no risk of contamination with Cascada’s contactless filling design . The water is constantly refreshed, reducing the likelihood of bacterial growth and ensuring your horse has access to high-quality water whenever it is needed.

Money is saved over time.

Automatic horse waterers not only help save on water costs, but they potentially reduce veterinary bills by lowering the likelihood of medical issues related to poor hydration or contaminated water sources. 

Additionally, the labor costs associated with manual watering are significantly reduced, allowing you to focus on other areas of horse care and stable maintenance. 

By diminishing the frequency of water-related chores and fostering better health in the herd, automatic waterer yields a return on investment that extends well beyond the initial purchase price.

What to look for when considering a horse watering system

There are 3 main types of automatic horse waterers:

Choosing which automatic horse watering system is best for you and your horse will depend on several factors. 

How the system is installed?

Different automatic horse waterer systems will require different installation methods. Some will be simple, while others will require more advanced steps.

For instance, a drinking post system requires excavation to place the post and water line below the freeze-line point. Whereas a system like Cascada can be installed simply into a barn stall with no digging required.

Strategic placement of the waterers is also essential for accessibility and safety. They should be installed in areas that are easy for your horses to reach and allow them to remain hydrated throughout the day – whether in a barn stall or out in a field.

How easy is the system to clean?

A system that simplifies maintenance ensures the water your horses drink remains free from algae, bacteria, and debris. 

Some systems, like float valve systems, can have many parts and difficult-to-access spaces. These features can drastically increase the time and effort needed for thorough cleaning. 

A well-designed waterer that prioritizes ease of cleaning not only safeguards equine health but also enhances the efficiency of stable operations. For instance, the only part Cascada uses that requires cleaning is a 5-gallon water bucket .

What materials are used for the system?

The choice of materials affects not only the unit's durability and ability to resist weather and wear but also its safety and the taste of the water it dispenses.

High-quality, non-toxic materials such as stainless steel or heavy-duty plastics are preferred for their longevity and ease of maintenance. They can resist corrosion, prevent the growth of algae and bacteria, and are less likely to impart any undesirable flavors to the water.

At Cascada Equine, we strike a balance by using both heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel in our waterer that offers both durability and performance . We also offer the benefit of allowing your horse’s water to be delivered directly into their favorite water bucket.

How durable are the materials used?

Durability directly impacts the longevity and reliability of the system. A durable waterer withstands the rigors of daily use, the elements, and the playful or rough behavior of horses, ensuring a continuous supply of water without frequent repairs or replacements. 

Some automatic waterers (like float valve systems) use plastic parts that get broken easily over time since they’re continuously submerged in water. Others have several moving parts that break down with continuous use. 

At Cascada, we’ve designed our automatic horse waterer with heavy-duty molded plastic, steel plates, and no moving or submerged parts to increase durability and longevity. 

Does it provide freeze protection?

A waterer equipped with built-in heating mechanisms or excellent insulation ensures that the water remains unfrozen and available to horses, even in the depths of winter. This not only promotes consistent winter hydration but also eliminates the labor-intensive process of manually breaking and removing ice. 

Every automatic horse waterer system will have a different freeze rating. For instance, Cascada has freeze protection up to 0° Fahrenheit (or 32° below freezing). This makes it ideal for installation in a barn or stall. Other more traditional livestock automatic waterer systems have a freeze point as low as 50° Fahrenheit, which works better out in a field.

What is the surface area of the water vessel?

Horses are naturally inclined to drink from larger bodies of water. Therefore, a larger surface area allows horses to drink more comfortably, encouraging frequent hydration. 

A waterer with a greater surface area can simulate this natural environment and promote healthier drinking behaviors. Cascada uses a 5-gallon water bucket for our water vessel, while other waterers use smaller basins. 

It is important to consider what your horse will find the most natural to use.

What is the water capacity of the waterer?

Each horse requires approximately 5-15 gallons of water daily, depending on size, diet, and activity level. An adequately sized waterer ensures that your horse has sufficient access to water throughout the day.

For instance, drinking post systems and push paddle waterers fill a basin with water when a horse pushes a lever. In a float valve system, water fills the bowl when the water goes below a certain level. All of these systems come with different basin sizes that hold different amounts of water. 

With Cascada , we keep it simple by using a 5-gallon water bucket from which your horse can take long, deep drinks.

What is the noise level of the water delivery system?

The noise level of a horse waterer is an often-overlooked but important factor to consider. Horses are sensitive to sound, and a waterer that operates quietly helps maintain a calm and stress-free environment. A noisy system can be unsettling or disruptive, potentially deterring horses from drinking enough water. 

How water is delivered to the water vessel can determine how much noise it produces. Float valve systems refill an internal tank with water (much like a toilet tank), so it can produce a considerable amount of noise. 

Cascada uses a simple delivery system that allows water to fill a water bucket with minimal noise, much like a low flow of water from a hose.

Does the system track water consumption?

Monitoring water intake can be a key indicator of your horse's health, as changes in drinking habits may signal potential issues such as illness or stress. Opting for a waterer with meters or sensors allows for tracking of your horse's hydration levels, providing early detection of health concerns. 

Not all automatic water systems will provide tracking, so it’s important to verify if the system comes with a water meter or other tracking system that can be installed after purchase. 

Cascada Waterer tracks water through our app . It monitors your horse’s daily hydration and delivers notifications directly to your phone if your horse’s water consumption changes.

What is the cost versus the overall benefits?

While the initial investment may be more than traditional watering, the advantages automatic watering systems offer are substantial.

When assessing the initial investment costs of various waterers, remember to factor in the potential installation costs. In some cases, these may exceed the cost of the waterer itself. 

For others, like Cascada, the installation can be as simple as mounting the unit, connecting the water line, and plugging in a safe, low-voltage cord.


Choosing the best automatic horse waterer

Selecting the right automatic horse waterer is a blend of understanding your horses' needs and the technology that meets them. The best system aligns with your equine care values, enhances your management practices, and ultimately serves the health and happiness of your horses. 

At Cascada , we believe in offering more than just a product. Our automatic waterer combines innovative design with a customer-focused approach. It is a testament to our commitment to enhancing equine well-being and owner experience. 

Contact us today and let’s start the journey towards happily hydrated horses!