Cascada Uses IOT Technology to Reinvent Equine Automatic Waterers

Cascada Uses IOT Technology to Reinvent Equine Automatic Waterers


Cascada uses IOT technology to reinvent equine automatic waterers, allowing complete visibility of horses’ drinking behavior within an app – transforming horse care into a connected, tech-driven experience and catching the eye of top riders across the globe.

Snohomish, WA – Cascada Equine proudly unveils the highly anticipated Cascada Automatic Horse Waterer. This groundbreaking product sets a new standard in equine hydration, capable of meeting the needs of elite equine athletes and top-tier facilities. Launching now in the US market, Cascada represents a transformative advancement in equine care and performance.

The Cascada differentiates itself from any other automatic waterer on the market with never-before-seen features that revolutionize equine hydration.

Contactless Ultrasonic Water Sensing: 

Cascada is the world's first equine waterer to use a contactless ultrasonic sensor to track the water level in a bucket. Harnessing the same technology found in modern vehicles to detect nearby hazards (i.e., adaptive cruise control and parking alerts), Cascada's advanced ultrasonic sensors are capable of precise water level detection without any physical contact or mechanisms. This ensures accurate filling and hydration monitoring, improved cleanliness, and rugged performance beyond the capabilities of traditional float or weight-based systems.

App Connected Tracking and Learning: 

As the industry-first IOT equine watering system, the Cascada tracks and learns your horses' normal drinking behavior. Using advanced algorithms, it gathers data over time and displays valuable insights in an attractive and intuitive app. Because each waterer connects to the cloud via Wifi, users can monitor their horses' hydration patterns from their phones anywhere in the world, ensuring optimal hydration. Smart alerts spot any changes in drinking behavior that may present health concerns and provide real-time notifications if intervention may be needed.

A Better Drinking Vessel: 

Cascada was designed to use the commonly available five-gallon bucket as its water vessel, filling it to the perfect level every time. The bucket hangs on a specially designed hook, which will hold the bucket securely for regular play, but can break away in an emergency and is quick and easy for humans to lift off for cleaning. The size is ideal because it allows horses to drink deeply and fully without interruption, yet it’s still light enough to lift and dump. For an even lighter load, the app has a feature to keep it only half-full on cleaning days. Because it is far easier to replace or clean thoroughly, it’s more sanitary than a traditional automatic waterer, and horses are inclined to drink well from the familiar-looking and fresh-tasting water.

"This is a game-changer in automatic watering. I truly feel that Cascada will save horses’ lives due to the app’s ability to detect and alert early indicators of serious dehydration," says Kelly Munro, Founder/CEO at Cascada Equine. "The technology and design behind the Cascada make it possible to have the time savings of automatic waterers without any of the drawbacks.

“Besides all of its capabilities, the Cascada device simply looks beautiful in the barn. It can be installed with hidden water lines and gives that sophisticatedly minimalist and high-end vibe to the stable.”

Following a successful preview at the FEI World Cup Finals, Cascada waterers can now be purchased online for delivery from the Seattle-area workshop to anywhere in the USA.

The Cascada automatic waterer costs $799 and includes a free standard water bucket. An optional plug-in heated bucket is available. The device itself includes integrated digitally controlled heaters to deliver fresh water to the bucket down to zero degrees Fahrenheit.

The Cascada app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It’s free to download, set up an account with horse profiles, and connect and visualize waterers. Total hydration monitoring with historical data, trend analysis, and real-time notifications are available with an app subscription of $10.99/month (or $9.25/month billed annually as $111/year) for an unlimited number of horses and devices.

Equestrians and facility owners or managers can visit for detailed product information and easy online ordering. Cascada can also coordinate with barn builders and designers on new construction projects and barn remodels. Cascada Equine is committed to delivering unparalleled customer service and support to ensure an exceptional watering experience.

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About Cascada Equine:

Cascada is a division of Light Equine, creating innovative equine solutions dedicated to enhancing the well-being and performance of horses for over a decade. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, out-of-the-box design, and an authentic commitment to understanding the needs of horses and their caregivers, Cascada continues to redefine the standards of excellence in the equine industry.