Welcome to the Future of Watering

  • Ultrasonic Sensor Technology

    Cascada harnesses the power of ultrasonic sensor technology to monitor the water level in your horses’ bucket, knowing exactly when and how much to fill.

  • Hydration Monitoring App

    The Cascada not only fills your buckets, but tracks exactly how much your horses are drinking in an app on your phone so you have the insights needed to provide them with the best possible care.

  • Contactless Filling

    It won't clog, stick, flood, or crack. Ultrasonic sensors refill your buckets without any submerged or wear-outable moving parts for unrivaled reliability and easy cleaning. There's nothing in your horse's waterer but water!

The Waterer

  • Sensor Technology

    Advanced ultrasonic sensors detect if a bucket is ready to fill, track water consumption and more!

  • Easy, Customizable Install

    Installation is as easy as connecting a water line, running the included low-voltage power supply, and screwing the waterer to the wall.

    Cascada waterers can be installed with plumbing to either the left or right of the device and with the water/electrical lines on the inside of the stall wall or behind the stall wall (i.e hollow wall or corner installation). Give us a call to discuss the best installation options for your facility!

    Installation Instructions
  • Liftable Handle

    Simply lift the handle and take the bucket off the hook to dump or clean. Cascada's design drastically improve's the biosecurity in your barn. No more shared hoses or non-removable parts!

  • Long-Lasting, Heated Parts

    A filtered and heated solenoid valve lives within the device, communicating with the sensors and controlling the flow of water.

    The nozzles pour fresh water into your horses' buckets and are protected with temperature controlled heaters for colder climates.

  • Removable 5-Gallon Bucket

    Through extensive research with both horses and humans, we learned that most horses prefer to drink out of a 5-gallon bucket. It's plenty of water for the horse to drink deeply without interruption, but not so much that it's difficult to dump or clean. To make things even easier, we built an option in the app to keep buckets half-full on cleaning day.

  • Ordering + Support

    Our dedicated support team of fellow horse owners is here to help you every step of the way!

    Cascadas can be ordered directly through our website or at Smartpak! For the price of your Cascada, you also get full access to the hydration tracking app. Ordering 8 or more? Let us know for bulk pricing discounts! Lead times vary based on order size. Orders under 10 generally ship within 2-3 weeks, orders over 10 ship within 4-5 weeks.

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The App

  • Real Time Data + Historical Trends

    The Cascada app tracks how much your horse has consumed today and compares that to how much they drink on average. 

    You’ll finally have access to comprehensive insights into your horses’ drinking trends, empowering you to make informed decisions about their overall health. 

  • View Bucket Water Levels

    See exactly how much water is in your horses' bucket for optimal peace of mind when you're away from the barn.

  • Profiles for Each Horse

    Create profiles for each of your horses to track their individual drinking behavior in the app. Easily update their information or change which Cascada they are using.

  • Easy Lift Mode

    Easy Lift Mode in the app lets you set your water buckets to stay half-way full, instead of totally topped off, for a lighter lift on cleaning days.

    Cascada customers with bigger barns LOVE this feature!

  • Always Innovating

    Up until now, equine hydration tracking has been manual and minimal. It is our goal to provide horse owners with the most comprehensive information possible.

    One of our favorite aspects of digital innovations is the ability to quickly iterate and continuously add value for our customers. Cascada is shaping the future of horse care. Join a community at the forefront of farm innovation and water smarter with Cascada!

  • Free with Cascada Purchase

    Cascada is the first and only automatic waterer with a hydration tracking app and we understand how important this data is to provide your horses with the best possible care. With the purchase of your Cascada, you get access to all their hydration data in the app for no charge.

    Download the Cascada App

Easiest Installation in the Industry

Installation is as easy as connecting a water line, running the included low-voltage wire to your barn's nearest power supply, and screwing the waterer to the wall.

You will need wifi nearby by the waterers if you choose to use the hydration tracking app, but it is not required.

Installation Instructions